The Ponos Pain Clinic Project consists of a group of highly skilled medical doctors who specialize in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, with further expertise in Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Medicine. All team doctors have served full-time practice in public hospital pain services and are authorized by the respective national health services. The Ponos Clinic is a health care facility that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain, intended as pain lasting for more than three months. Acute pain due do simple pathologies is assumed to be effectively treated by general practitioners.

Founded by Dr E. Panagiotakos, the Ponos Clinic’s concept reflects the structure of the most advanced pain services throughout Europe and North America,
by applying an evidence-based approach to pain cure
by offering protocol-based and patient tailored treatment strategies
by guaranteeing all levels of competence and
by assuring post-procedural controls and feedback of patient satisfaction

We perform in three major sectors: office (ambulatory) setting, operating room procedures and clinical information projects. Our aim is to offer pain relief and markedly improve quality of patient’s life.

Our target population
One fifth of the adult european population suffers some kind of chronic pain with cancer pain regarding less than 10% of them. Many patients will live with constant pain for more than seven years, while one fifth will suffer for twenty years or more. Just a minority has ever heard of “Pain Services”. The social cost of chronic pain in Europe in now (under)estimated in 300 billion of euros. Per year.